Tỷ giá Bitcoin BTC ビットコイン
41.952 $
▼ -6.8%
Tỷ giá Ethereum ETH イーサリアム
2.840 $
▼ -8.75%
Tỷ giá Cardano ADA カルダノ
2,28 $
▼ -2.1%
Tỷ giá Tether USDT テザー
0,997924 $
▼ -0.48%
Tỷ giá Binance Coin BNB BNB
352,39 $
▼ -6.48%
0,941320 $
▼ -4.41%
Tỷ giá Solana SOL ソラナ
137,07 $
▼ -6.28%
Tỷ giá USD Coin USDC USDコイン
0,998654 $
▼ -0.32%
Tỷ giá Polkadot DOT 水玉模様
30,37 $
▼ -7.37%
Tỷ giá Dogecoin DOGE ドージコイン
0,205823 $
▼ -7.79%
Tỷ giá Avalanche AVAX 雪崩
69,87 $
▼ -5.81%
Tỷ giá Terra LUNA テラ
36,70 $
▼ -2.84%
Tỷ giá Binance USD BUSD BUSD
1,00 $
▼ -0.15%
Tỷ giá Cosmos ATOM 宇宙
39,82 $
▼ -3.64%
Tỷ giá Chainlink LINK チェーンリンク
22,29 $
▼ -10.79%
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  5. The Luxury (TLX)とは何ですか?The Luxuryに関するすべての情報

The Luxury (TLX)とは何ですか?The Luxuryに関するすべての情報

The Luxury has created a blockchain payment ecosystem with the TLPoS, and the virtual wallet. The TLPoS is their blockchain-powered wireless point-of-sale (POS) for cryptocurrencies.

Using the TLPoS, retail merchants, as well as consumers, can easily buy, sell, and transact using digital assets in physical stores. The product is designed to accept every cryptocurrency. Popular digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Smart Chain (BNB and The Luxury (TLX) are listed within the ecosystem.

Users can use The Luxury Bank to easily manage their digital assets, make transfers, check balances, and top-up the supported cryptos in the wallet. The virtual The Luxury card will be issued to every registered The Luxury user in Q1 2022.

In August 2021, The Luxury launched the Open Platform to support more blockchains. Since then, developers and projects can register and create their blockchain extension to the The Luxury ecosystem, increasing its use.

They want to have a complete ecosystem for the luxury industry. Through satellite projects such as: NFT Marketplace, Crypto-Bank which incorporates both a marketplace and PoS system for online/offline payment processing, a launchpad for projects targeting this industry, with a charity foundation attached, and Luxandia, which it wants to be a revolutionary metaverse platform for the luxury industry through the functions that are being developed, The Luxury’s team plan to revolutionize the luxury industry.

The Luxury TLX icon symbol

The Luxury (TLX) is a token issued on blockchain of Binance Smart Chain

ウェブサイト: https://theluxurybank.com

ツイッター: https://twitter.com/xtheluxury

チャット: https://t.me/tlxtrading

The Luxury 冒険者:

The LuxuryThe Luxury market

1 TLX = 49,541658851355 USD (-4.13%)
1 TLX: ≈ 5.454 日本円
ボリューム (24h):249.784 USD
総供給量:20.000.000 TLX
時価総額ランク:3338 / 6867

続きを読む: The Luxury Price Index

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